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Hi Everyone,

I’ve had this blog for just over 9 months now and it’s been both challenging and exciting to discover so many great eateries in Sydney. After reviewing all the emails I have received over the past months and amount of hours I’ve spent on research, I can’t help but feel there’s a gap.

I only spend approximately 2-3 hours a day researching new places to eat and it’s a certainty that I have not discovered every intriguing dish Sydney has to offer.

I started this food blog to discover and document everything and anything interesting in the culinary industry within Sydney. I urge any restaurant, cafe or individual to get in touch with me if you know of an interesting dish Sydney foodies must try! This does not need to be a sponsored invitation, I honestly would love help raising awareness of all the delicious eats in Sydney and supporting the people who create them.

Listed below is a small table with some (not all) dishes I’ve found through research. To me, they’re either very well presented, unique and/or just look delicious!

Sydney Foodie Hit List

Restaurant/Cafe Name of the dish
Bion Societe Cinnamon scroll french toast with mascarpone and strawberry
Bion Societe Smoked Salmon Stack: sourdough toast, avocado puree, feta, smoked salmon, trout roe, fresh herbs, pesto olive oil & marinated black olives
Tea+ Signature matcha (green tea) plant milk tea
Black By Ezard Chocolate: Warm couverture ganache, fresh mint ice cream, raspberry mousse, chocolate cookie
Hartsyard Christmas Soft Serve
Ume Seared salmon with white miso, celery, coriander seed, yuzu, mirin and extra Virgin olive oil.
The Choc Pot Neapolitan gelato sundae
Mr Crackles Cup of Crackling

Signature matcha (green tea) plant milk tea (Tea+)

Chocolate: Warm couverture ganache, fresh mint ice cream, raspberry mousse, chocolate cookie (Black By Ezard)

Let’s keep this list growing :)

Thanks for reading,

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  1. Interesting sydney dish must tries
    – pig ears (China Lane, CBD)
    – gepuk bali (Bandung Rasa, Mascot) – flavor bomb! and cute chef
    – salmon/scallops aburi (Sushi Tengoku, Kensington) – not your typical aburi

  2. I would highly recommend for Italian food any of the following; via Napoli, Quattro pasti, osteria Riva or Rosso pomodoro. Via Napoli for their buffalo mozzarella, Rosso pomodoro for the best ‘northern Italy style’ pizza and Quattro pasti for their massive florentine steak and their limoncello. Also have you tried long grain for Thai food? Or rivareno on crown st for the best and most traditional gelato probably in australia. Love your Instagram posts btw (I’m goodolemulan on insta)

  3. Have you looked at suburban places like Cabramatta? They’ve got good food there. Plus heaps of history to it.

    The taro chips shop there is really nice albeit the increasingly expensive price now.

    There’s also a sugar cane prawn viet self made roll along the same street where cba is. Not the nice big Chinese one right next to it but a few shops after. First viet shop after. Sign is blue. It’ll have the sugar prawn hand roll picture of the door.

    The bakery next to it has nice “ham shui kok” (fried dumpling).

    And the sugar cane juice.. Get the one that is with “gam quat” (small green lime with orange flesh). There’s heaps of good food in Sydney if you are after all favours. And i haven’t been to all.
    Have fun!

  4. daisys milk bar, petersham (milkshakes)
    brewtown newtown (chicken quinoa salad, cronuts)
    four ate five, surry hills (kumara chips and mango/chicken sandwich)
    moo burgers

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