Vivid Sydney 2013 Dinner:
Ananas Bar & Brasserie, The Rocks

Visited on the 24th of May 2013.

Ever since I tried the salted caramel éclair at Tastes of Sydney, Ananas Brasserie & Bar has been on my ‘restaurants to visit’ list. Situated in The Rocks on Argyle St, the venue was ideally close to circular quay where the majority of Vivid Sydney 2013 is held. I’m definitely not as cultured as I should be and must admit I didn’t know what Ananas were or what it translated to. I think some dishes will make more sense if mention “Ananas” translates to “pineapple” in English.

Pineapple themed lamps as part of the decor

Complementary bread & butter

Seared scallops, caramelised veal sweetbread,
trio of Jerusalem artichoke ($24)

This was definitely the highlight of the savoury dishes for me! The scallops were cooked perfectly with a great sear and translucent centre; the sweetbreads were rich, creamy and delicious. Even though my friend doesn’t eat seafood, she did enjoy the scallops (big compliments to the chef!). The trio of artichokes complimented the sweetbread & scallops with great flavours and textures. If you’re like me and love your sweetbreads, I would highly recommend ordering this!

DSC_1620Pan roasted pork cutlet, caramelised apples,
artichoke, tarragon vinaigrette ($34)

Presentation to me was visually appealing with clearly defined grill marks on the pork which rested neatly on a bed of apples, tomatoes and artichokes. The pork itself was juicy, well-seasoned and paired well with the other components; I’ve always loved the combination of apple and pork. Although the dish was good, the entrée was still the standout for me.

Truffled Pomme
Purée ($14)

Whether it’s potato mash, puree or chips; potato is staple with any meat dish. The pomme purée was smooth and delicious, however I would suggest sharing this side with someone as it was really rich!

DSC_1605Slow poached chicken breast, baby root vegetables,
consommé ($32)

The plate was brought to the table and steaming hot consommé was poured tableside. I only had a small portion of this dish but the chicken was moist and the flavours were more subtle than the pork. My friend found the entrée much more impressive than main she ordered.

Orange grand marnier crème brûlée,
blood orange sorbet ($16)

Forget about the conventional blow torch, what method could possibly be better to brûlée a crème brûlée than setting the whole thing alight? :)

Orange grand marnier crème brûlée,
blood orange sorbet (second angle)

The dessert was served with refreshing blood orange sorbet, biscuit and fresh assorted orange pieces. The crème brûlée cracked at the tap of my spoon, revealing some seriously smooth, rich and creamy custard.  The grand marnier flavour was fragrant and clearly present in the crème brulee. I’m glad the other components of the dish cut into the richness of the crème brûlée; although the desserts were decadent, 3 desserts were probably too heavy for my friend and I.

DSC_1639Ananas 4 ways, coconut
mousse ($16)

Keeping in line with the Ananas theme… a pineapple dessert! I read from that the pineapple had been stewed, foamed and dehydrated. The dessert was refreshing after a heavy meal; the combination of pineapple and coconut gave the dessert a great tropical feel. My vocabulary would probably fail to articulate this dessert adequately but I’ll finish in saying that this was my favourite dessert of the evening and would recommend trying it!

Oh (just because I love pandering to one’s inner child), did I mention there were pop rocks? :)

Snickers Revolution ($18)

I must admit, I had second thoughts when ordering this dessert as I can’t even tell you the last time I had a snickers bar (it’s been that long!), but after the dessert arrived all doubt in my mind instantly vanished. Visually, the dish looked appetising. The chocolate tube was filled with a smooth rich chocolate mousse sitting on a bed of peanuts. The velvety smooth nougat ice-ream (I’m fairly certain my palate tasted nougat) completed the Snickers experience for me.

Revealing the chocolate mousse

Ananas Brasserie had a great setting and vibe. An environment with dim lighting and low levels of noise suggests nothing other than intimacy. I personally found the service a little slow, perhaps another 2-3 visits from the waitress would have been ideal to cut the time between contacts. The savoury dishes were all served on warmed plates (you’d be surprised how many places forget to do this!) and the execution of every dish was faultless. Although my friend and I weren’t overly impressed with our mains, the entrée was impressive and the desserts were great. I’ll be keeping an eye on Ananas to witness their menu evolve.

Ananas Bar & Brasserie
18 Argyle St,
The Rocks NSW 2000

Phone: (02) 9259 5668

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