Beauty in Simplicity:
Wilbur’s Place, Potts Point

Visited on the 7th of September 2013.

If you know me (or my giant list of eateries), you’d know that Wilbur’s place has only been on my ‘to eat list’ for a very short period of time. Located in Potts Point (very close to Kings Cross train station), it’s not too far from the CBD and easily accessible via public transport. Their concept of freshly cooked meals and ‘no-fuss eat & run’ dining made this venue ideal for my friends; no pretentiousness and no need to empty pockets. Nothing needs to be complicated in order to be delicious, there is beauty in simplicity when it comes to food! Wilbur’s place serves up European inspired & modern Australian café style dishes for their breakfast & lunch service.

I went with 5 other friends on this occasion and didn’t get a chance to try everything, but I did turn it all into #foodporn because I know that’s why most of you are here :).


‘White Russian’ Shake ($15)

I don’t know my alcoholic beverages & cocktails very well so it shouldn’t surprise anyone when I say that I have never heard of a ‘White Russian’ cocktail. For those who are in the same boat, it’s a sweet cocktail consisting of vodka, coffee liqueur and cream (or so Wikipedia tells me!).

The shake was surprisingly refreshing! Imagine drinking a nice cold milkshake mixed with a smidgen of very smooth vodka or spirit; there was a very cool feeling in my mouth after each sip.

Croque Madame ($12)

This is foodporn, ‘cheat day’, heart attack & deliciousness defined in food form. A croque madame is essentially a grilled cheese sandwich with béchamel sauce and ham. My friend said it was delicious but really filling (as one would expect). The egg was also cooked quite well and the yolk oozed down the side when popped.

DSC_8343I had to do it….


Croque Monsieur ($10)

For those who think they can’t finish the egg, the croque monsieur offers the same thing as the croque madame without the fried egg on top.

Corned Beef Bialy with Salted Cabbage, Cheese & Mustard ($12)

A bialy has a similar shape to a bagel but it is far less dense than a bagel because it’s not boiled before it is baked. I liked the texture of the bialy which was somewhat similar to a croissant and the filling was flavourful and not too heavy. The corned beef was moist and the salted cabbage reminded me of sauerkraut; overall I was happy with the bialy.

Wilbur’s Greasy Spoon ($20)

The greasy spoon is essentially a big breakfast with two large slices of toast, eggs, bacon, blood pudding, spinach, tomato, beans and more! This dish looked really appetising from across the table; the presentation was neat!

Suckling Pig Roll with Crackling, Mustard Pickles & Dill Sauce ($12)

The suckling pig roll was served open with a nice long strip of pork crackling lying on top of the pickles & pork. The mustard pickles gave the roll a nice tart element which paired nicely with the creamy dill sauce. The crackling was very crispy and although the pork was tender, I found it a little dry. Overall, I was quite happy with this roll.

Smoked Salmon with Bubble, Spinach & Chive Cream Cheese ($17)

This dish was also neatly presented. For those who don’t know what ‘bubble’ is, it’s an abbreviation of ‘bubble and squeak’ which is a dish traditionally made from shallow fried potato and cabbage (and can include some other vegetables as well).

Bacon & Egg Roll with Wilbur’s Breakfast Sauce ($9)

For your viewing pleasure, in case you didn’t know what a bacon and egg roll looked like =p.

DSC_8374Toasted Brioche Ice Cream Sambo & Caramel ($12)

Brioche, ice-cream AND caramel? I’d like to see you try resist ordering this, I know I couldn’t! Filled with almond ice cream, the sambo was surprisingly dense and not overly sweet. Although I think the edges of my sambo may have been overcooked (resulting in some unwanted bitterness), the sambo was a nice way to finish off brunch.

Note: I think the type of ice cream used in the sambo varies but the caramel and brioche is always there :)

Obligatory close-up :)

Ambiance: Sorry I forgot to take a décor shot; their website does have a picture of their décor however! That being said, Wilbur’s place is quite a small venue with modern and clean décor; I’ll mention here that this venue is not ideal for a really long catch up as most of the seats are stools. The noise during my visit was at a good level, not noisy and not dead quiet. This venue during the day is ideal for a casual brunch with a small to medium sized group (I went as a group of 6).

Service: Friendly, quite attentive and informative; able to explain the menu with good detail. Nothing really negative about the service during my experience.

Final Thoughts: Good size brunch menu and all day breakfast is always a win. Overall I really enjoyed the food here; it was tasty, presented well and not complicated. The service was fine as was the ambiance which made for an enjoyable casual brunch session. I’ll be back to try the rest of their brunch menu and possibly venture out for dinner.

Wilbur’s Place
36 Llankelly Pl
Potts Point NSW 2011


Phone: (02) 9332 2999

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