Sydney Harbour Bridge Gazing:
Bar at the End of The Wharf, The Rocks

Visited on the 7th of June 2013.

I visited Bar at the End of The Wharf during vivid Sydney 2013. I wanted a location where my friends could have a drink, I could have a bite to eat and also had a nice view; this venue met all three criteria. I just wanted to clarify this before I go on, the name of the venue is “Bar at the end of the wharf” and it’s a part of Sydney Dance theater company.

Their dinner menu comprised of their take on some classic pub food as well as a specials menu which included items such as a pot pie and ravioli during my visit. I was informed by the wait staff that I was unable to take photos of the actual décor as she said it was a “heritage site”. Instead of my usual sign / décor photos, I’ll provide a link (at the bottom) to a website which has pictures of their décor in case you wish to see the layout of the venue.

One bridge angle from the bar

DSC_2480Lamb Pot Pie w/ side salad ($22)

Lamb pot pie was on the specials menu for the evening. The pie was a little bit messy to eat (only due to the puff pastry) but the flavour was really nice. Root vegetables were softened and intensified in the cooking process and the lamb was fork tender. Although the side salad was over dressed for my friend and I (too sour), it was palatable when I ate it with the pie. This was a decent pot pie but $22 seemed steep to me for the quantity received.

Inside the pot pie

DSC_2473Beef & gruyere sliders ($12)

If any establishment offers sliders, it’s almost a certainty that I will order them. Overall the sliders were pretty good; patty was seasoned & juicy, bun was soft, cheese was rich and pickle was nice and acidic. If you’re craving some kind of burger whilst dining/drinking here, these should hit the spot.

Gruyere melted inseparably onto the top bun & patty

DSC_2516Pan fried chorizo and smoked eggplant dip ($14)

I was still pretty hungry after the sliders & pie so I ended up ordering some chorizo. I wish this was served with bread as eating the chorizo alone was quite salty. That being said, their chorizo is packed with flavour, a little spicy, smokey and delicious. I thoroughly enjoyed their eggplant dip as well; nice texture and complemented the chorizo sausage.

The Bar at the End of The Wharf’s ambiance was really nice and casual; the space was fairly large with areas to sit on the balcony or inside and dine, noise levels were moderate and lighting was good. The service was okay; the food was a little slow to come out but the staff were very friendly. Overall my experience here was very enjoyable; I’m unsure if I’ll return here soon for food as the menu is quite limited and pricey. I’m more likely to be returning here on a Friday or Saturday for a drink with friends and the ambiance.

Bar at the End of The Wharf,
Pier 4 Hickson Rd
Walsh Bay, 2000


Phone: (02) 9250 1761
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