Surry Hills Cafe:
Rustic Pearl

Visited 26th of May 2013

Imbedded within Surry Hills is a café culture with great food and variety available at almost every corner. If you’ve visited the area for breakfast, brunch or lunch, you would know there is no shortage of cafes in the vicinity, especially on Crown St. After my friend gave me a selection of cafes to choose from, I decided to go with the Rustic Pearl after seeing their version of Beyoglu style homemade lemonade.

Rustic Pearl’s Sign on Crown St

Ceiling shot from my table

DSC_2041Orange sitting on top
of the water jug

I thought the orange sitting on top was cute, perhaps it appeals to the inner child within me :P.

Regular Cappuccino ($4)

My friend ordered the cappuccino for her beverage; she said it was a decent and satisfying coffee. (Note the demolished coffee in the background of the next picture)

Sour Cherry Nectar ($4.5)

I felt like trying something different from my usual morning coffee or iced coffee and the sour cherry nectar sounded intriguing. The drink itself was really refreshing and fragrant. The flavour was great and the sourness really got my taste buds going before breakfast and helped cleanse my palate during the meal. A really delicious drink!

Eggs Royale: 2 poached eggs, wilted seasonal greens, & Petuna smoked trout
topped w/ homemade hollandaise & side of tomato relish ($22.5)

I must admit it was painful to take photos of this; I wanted to dig in and devour the dish the second it landed on the table! What’s not to love about the sensual slicing of a perfectly poached egg and watching the luscious golden yolk ooze all over the dish? Although one of the eggs was overcooked (yolk didn’t run out), the other was poached perfectly. The smoky flavour was great with the eggs and wilted greens; hollandaise sauce gave some richness which was balanced by the light greens and acidity of the tomato.

DSC_2064Egg white omelette: herbed ricotta, spinach, paprika
& almond flakes served w/ toast ($16)

My friend loves eggs! She opted to order the egg white omelette which was tasty especially given that it was only egg whites. Although I only had a small bite of this, the ricotta really came through in my mouthful which was lovely. The mushrooms were also cooked well. Given that my friend finished everything (except for the toast as she didn’t want to be bloated), it’s safe to say she enjoyed it as well.

DSC_2083Smoked ham, wild mushroom & caramelised
onion gözleme ($16.5)

Cheese & spinach gözleme is honestly one of my all-time favourite things to eat. It was really difficult for me to look away from the cheese and spinach but I did and ended up trying the ham, mushroom and onion. The gözleme was a lot heavier than I thought it would be. The caramelised onions and ham were rich and very flavourful. This dish would have been good for lunch (I personally prefer a slightly lighter breakfast).

DSC_2097Inside the gözleme

Rustic Pearl is a relatively small café with a great rustic charm to it. The menu is Mediterranean inspired with some conventional breakfast items; this caters to parties wishing to try something new and/or desiring a classic hearty breakfast. The service during my experience was attentive and responsive; the waitress and kitchen kindly catered to my request of having the gözleme delivered to the table shortly after the omelette and eggs royale. I’d happily recommend trying this place if you’re looking to add a breakfast/brunch location to your calendar.

I personally look forward to returning to try more of their menu (especially their drinks!).

Rustic Pearl
415 Crown Street,
Surry Hills NSW 2010

Phone: 0406 930 083
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