‘Stacking’ Up To Expectations:
Bion Societe, Camperdown

Visited on the 17th of December 2013.

Bion Societe landed on my radar after I saw some pictures of their beautifully presented smoked salmon stack and rendition of a cinnamon scroll on Instagram. I’m a sucker for well-presented food; I like to think that kitchens willing to put effort into their presentation put an equal level of effort into their food.

Initially I thought Camperdown was far away from the CBD but to my surprise, it wasn’t much further than Broadway. Bion Societe is a café serving up breakfast & lunch with a modern flair and the menu comprised of dishes such as the lamb burger with tomato-chili chutney and a seriously sexy cinnamon scroll.

DSC_4932Bion Societe Logo

Outdoor seats

Decor Inside

Decor Inside

Smoked Salmon Stack: Sourdough toast, avocado puree, feta, smoked salmon, trout roe, fresh herbs, pesto olive oil & marinated black olives ($14.5)

The salmon stack was one of the dishes I had to try and I was happy to see that the dish looked as good in person as it did in the pictures I previously saw. As for the taste, it was fairly light for a savoury dish and the flavours came together nicely. Although the dish was a little on the salty side, I really enjoyed this dish and it was a great start to brunch!

DSC_4870Smoked Salmon Stack (Second Angle)

DSC_4896Braised Pork Sandwich: Braised pork, purple cabbage slaw, pesto, pickled fennel, onion rings on a ciabatta bread with homemade herb potato wedges ($19)

Firstly, I know it’s a badly framed photo so please don’t judge this book by its cover! This pork sandwich was tasty and the pork was both succulent and tender. I initially thought the onion rings would be overly doughy (as they appeared to be quite thick) but to my surprise, they were lighter than they appeared. The herbed homemade wedges made for a great side and the dish as a whole was very satisfying.

DSC_4914Lamb & Corn Burger: Spiced lamb & corn patty, tomato-chili chutney, pickled baby cucumber & watercress on a brioche burger bun with beer battered chips ($16)

This was probably the most surprising dish of the afternoon for me. Normally I find lamb burgers to be quite fatty/heavy but as you can see from the ingredients listed, there were no creamy sauces or fatty condiments on the burger. The use of a chutney, pickles and chili for elements of sweetness, acidity and heat really helped in balancing the richness of the lamb patty and buttery brioche. Overall the burger was light relative to other burgers I’ve had and I was happy with the overall flavour.

DSC_4920Mid-section of the lamb burger #juicy!

Ambiance: The décor was modern, clean and quite spacious. Lots of windows meant an abundance of sunlight during the day and I felt comfortable dining here. There was a large communal table as well as fair amount of general seating; I imagine that Bion Societe could cater to groups of most sizes. My friend and I went at an odd hour & day so the noise levels were very low during my visit.

Service: I wish a jug of water was left at the table, I felt that this would have saved the wait staff a lot of trouble in coming to the table every 10-15 minutes just to refill the glass. Asides from this, the staff were friendly and quite attentive.

Final Thoughts: The food was fresh, flavourful and well-presented. I wish I woke up early enough to try their cinnamon scroll on their breakfast menu! The return factor is here for me and if Bion Societe is on your ‘to do’ list, I do recommend visiting as I did enjoy their food.

Bion Societe
12/14 Layton St
Camperdown NSW 2050

Website: http://www.bionsociete.com.au/

Phone: (02) 9557 5931

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  1. Hi Phil, glad you liked this place. I went there last year and it was quiet an nice, I guess it was quite new at that time. I am glad that you wrote about this place, I am sure your readers will be enticed to enough go there. Speaking of cinnamon scrolls, have you been to Oregano Bakery in Hurstville?

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