Scallops, Steak and Sticky Date:
The Cut Bar and Grill, The Rocks

Visited on the 29th of June 2013.

The Cut Bar and Grill was the last restaurant in the Argyle Exchange Group I needed to tick off my list. I ended up here because my friend said she was going absolutely insane due to her steak cravings. The Cut is a steakhouse serving up an array of meat options for those on a carnivore chronicle as well as some seafood options.

The Cut Bar & Grill’s Entrance

View from the table

Shiny Wine Glasses

*Missing Bread?*

There was butter and salt on the table but at no point during my experience were my friend and I offered bread. Prior to my visit, I read food blogs mentioning complementary bread being offered but perhaps this has since changed; we did however see other tables around us being offered bread throughout the evening.

DSC_4081_01Pan-fried White Scallops, Blood Pudding, Roast Eggplant and Crisp Pancetta ($22)

I know this evening was meant to be all about the meat for my friend, but I couldn’t look past the scallops on the menu. I thought the plating of this entrée was really appetising; it was neat and visually impressive. The scallops were cooked perfectly with a great sear on the outside with an opaque centre and the blood pudding was rich and flavourful. The roast eggplant was nice and pancetta was really crisp.

The orange sauce on the plate (I think it was a gazpacho) was a really nice component; it was refreshing and a great contrast to the scallops and blood pudding. The only negative thing I have to say is that this entree was served on a cold plate; everything else was fantastic.

Sher F1 Wagyu: 400+day, Grain Fed Marble Score 7
Scoutch Fillet 350g ($58)

The steak was served with sea salt flakes to finish. After I cut the steak open, I witnessed a beautiful rare cook to a great cut of meat. Scotch fillet is already a tender cut of meat and to have it cooked to perfection just made it an effortless joy to devour. The meat was well rested; no juices were spilling out whilst I ate the steak and the plate was warm upon arrival.

Rare? Yes sir :)

Jus which came with the steak

Potato Puree ($8)

This potato puree was really different to the pomme puree I had previously had at Ananas;  this version was a lot lighter on the butter/cream. Nothing overly exciting about the potato puree here but at least they were smooth & lump free.

Centre: Sauteed Mushrooms ($7)
Bottom Right: Bordelaise Sauce ($5)

The mushrooms were seasoned well and had a nice texture.

Normally I don’t comment much on sauces but I’ll make a small exception here. If you’re like me and love your red wine sauces, beef bourguignon or beef burgundy I think you’ll love this sauce. It was great with the pomme puree, mushrooms, steak and by itself. I pretty much drank the whole thing.

4-Hour Slow Roast F1 Wagyu Standing Rib: Standard Cut 300g ($45)

My friend ordered the standing rib which was also served with some jus. The meat was tender and succulent; she pretty much devoured the whole thing.

Sticky date pudding, brandy butterscotch sauce, vanilla ice cream ($12)

This was my first experience with sticky date pudding so I don’t have any past experiences to compare this to but oh my god. Sticky date pudding is so good! I can now empathise and understand you sticky date pudding-lovers. The cake was moist, sauce was rich and sweet and the cold ice cream was a nice contrast to the warm pudding.

Valhrona Chocolate Mousse, Cherry Sponge, Red Wine Glazed Cherries ($14)

Unsure if this was intentional but visually, it looked earthy. Overall this dessert was okay, it was a little too rich and heavy for my liking. My friend and I both preferred the sticky date to the chocolate dessert.

Ambiance: The area was fairly dim, noise levels were moderate and overall feel was quite intimate. I would say that this venue is on the verge of formal and most appropriate for a date or small group during the evening.

Service: A little bit of hit and miss. I found the wait staff very experienced and knowledgeable in regards to the menu; they were able to answer our questions with a great deal of detail (more than I would expect). However, the service throughout the evening felt quite pushy.

Finals thoughts: The Cut Bar & Grill is expensive, there’s no question about it. Overall I thought the food was of great standard but given the price point, pushy service is not exactly something I would like to return to.

I may return one more time in the near future to see if the service is any different as I did genuinely enjoy the food.

The Cut Bar & Grill
16 Argyle Street,
The Rocks NSW 2000


Phone: (02) 9259 5695

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    • Thank you Sihan! Sorry for the late reply, I was absent during my uni exam period but I have now returned :)

      Best Steak? Try looking into Rockpool, Kingsleys, Chophouse and Black by Ezard, they are the big names :)

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