Ricotta Hot Cakes & Corn Fritters:
Bills Restaurant, Surry Hills

Visited on the 29th of June 2013.

Bills is definitely a popular café at the moment; this is reflected by their never ending queues on the weekend for breakfast & lunch. If you’ve heard of Bills, “ricotta hotcakes” and “corn fritters” probably come to mind; two dishes which this café is said to do particularly well. Two of my fellow igers (instagramers) were leaving Sydney in two weeks so we decided to brave the rain and line up in the queue for 45 minutes.

Bills Sign

Some decor inside

Zucchini fries, nigella seed and tahini yogurt ($9.5)

The zucchini fries were a great start to the meal. The batter & zucchini were surprisingly really crispy and the acidity from the tahini yogurt and lemon worked well with the fries.

DSC_4001Sweet corn fritters, roast tomato, spinach and bacon ($21)

These were actually really light for fritters. They had a little crunch and were absolutely packed with corn kibbles. The collaboration of bacon and sweet corn was great; I loved the sweet and salty contrast. The tomato added a little bit of acidity to each bite but the spinach didn’t really add anything to the dish. I enjoyed the dish as a whole; it was a nice change to try some light fritters for the first time.

These fritters are available on the breakfast & lunch menu (no need to rush out of bed if you want to try these!).

DSC_4028Ricotta hot cakes, banana and honeycomb butter ($19.5)

The famous ricotta hot cakes arrived at the table! Visually, it was plated neatly and my friends and I couldn’t wait to dig into them. The hotcakes were nice and fluffy and tasted even better with the syrup & honeycomb butter. However (please don’t kill me) I must confess that I couldn’t really taste the ricotta in the hotcakes. I ate them with the butter, without the butter, with the syrup, without the syrup and alone but I only got a small hint of it; my friends couldn’t really taste the ricotta either.

Ricotta dilemma aside, these were some pretty satisfying hotcakes.

DSC_3991Crab, chorizo and house kim chee fried brown rice ($21)

We opted for the fried rice because brunch wouldn’t be complete without a more lunch appropriate dish. This dish was actually really good! The egg was separated and served next to the fried rice as strips which were pretty neat. The chorizo and kim chee gave the dish a little heat which was pleasant and the rice was jam packed with flavour! We had no regrets whatsoever ordering this.

DSC_4013Cured ocean trout ($6.5)

DSC_4034Salted chocolate caramel slice: chocolate fudge brownie ($7)

The chocolate fudge brownie was okay, definitely nothing which really set the brownie apart from other brownies I’ve had in the past. This was a miss for me.

Ambiance: Pleasant; noise levels were moderate (even with a full café), clean and the place was will lit and bright. The furniture was also comfortable.

Service: It was fine which is nice to see given that they were extremely busy during this visit.

Final thoughts:
Brunch at Bills didn’t leave me feeling bloated; their portions were moderate and the dishes we ordered weren’t heavy.

Was it worth waiting the 45 minutes on the weekend? No. Don’t get me wrong, the experience was lovely and food was great, but arriving at a Café and watching people eat with a growling stomach whilst there are other cafes serving up brunch only meters away (without the large line) isn’t exactly ideal.

For those wishing to dine here, my friends said the line is not so bad on weekdays. I’ll only look forward to revisiting Bills one day if the queues outside die down a little.

359 Crown St
Surry Hills NSW 2010

Website: http://www.bills.com.au/

Phone: (02) 9360 4762

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