Plating Perfection at Brunch:
Devon Cafe, Surry Hills

Visited on the 21st of July 2013.

When I visited Devon Café for the first time, a waitress informed me that Devon had only been open for approximately 12 weeks. Within this short time period, Devon has already managed to make a strong impression amongst its customers with their immaculate plating and unique dishes. Devon’s breakfast menu comprises of modern twists on conventional breakfasts; there’s nothing mundane about the food on offer here.

Devon Cafe’s Sign on Devonshire St


Flat White

Played with my camera as I waited for the food to arrive

DSC_5941Citrus cured salmon: split dill cream, apple, celery, cucumber, fennel, soft boiled egg served with brioche ($17.5)

I’ve had lemon & dill with salmon before; it’s a classic combination which works great together. This dish was served cold and was really refreshing; the strips of crisp, fresh apple and cumber in the centre went perfectly with the fatty salmon, cream and oozing egg. This is something I’d love to consume again on a warm spring/summer morning.

DSC_5924Breakfast of champion: Spanish blood sausage, chestnut, celeriac gratin, apple puree, 63 degree egg ($19.5)

What’s a 63 degree egg? It’s an egg which has been placed in a bath of water at 63 degrees for approximately 45 minutes; the result is an egg which is a uniform texture all the way through (custardy soft egg white and oozing egg yolk). Although I found the sausage a little too salty, it was tasty and bursting with flavour! The gratin was cooked nicely with a nice golden colour on top and the egg…Oh boy that egg… #foodgasm.

Wait for it….


DSC_5905_01Two chicks in a basque: baked eggs, piperade (stew of bell pappers), pistou, sourdough toast ($14)

My friend opted for the baked eggs which oozed out upon being sliced open. She said the dish arrived hot and the sourdough toast helped her soak up the remainder of the piperade.

DSC_5893Devon Ultimate Cheese Toastie: sourdough open grilled w/ pine & cultivated mushrooms, cheddar cheese, fried eggs & western Australian truffle ($25)

Another friend opted for the ‘ultimate cheese toasty’ on the specials menu. As this was brought to the table the aroma of truffle wafting past was unmistakable. I finished off the remainder of the dish when my friend was done; the essence of truffle and mushrooms permeated through the sourdough!

Up close with the toastie :)

Ambiance: The feel was very casual, seating was spacious and noise levels were low to moderate.

Service: Attentive, down to earth and very friendly.

Final thoughts: Definitely one of the standout breakfasts/brunches I’ve had in recent times. The prices were higher than average but the presentation of their food was sublime with flavours and service to match. Devon Café is a venue which I’ve happily recommended to people; I can’t wait to return!

Devon Café
76 Devonshire St
Surry Hills NSW 2010


Phone: (02) 9211 8777

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      Good idea! I heard their specials are sold out by midday on weekends and the lines are ridiculous after 10am.

      I hope you have a good experience there as well :)

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