Pasta, Polenta & Pie at Fratelli Fresh:
Cafe Sopra, Wynyard

Visited on the 8th of June 2013

Sydney’s CBD doesn’t have a shortage of restaurants and cafes offering Italian cuisine. Whether you’re looking for pizza or pasta, there’s bound to be an eatery which meets your price point and ambiance criteria. Café Sopra is located inside Fratelli Fresh on bridge st and not too far away from Wynyard station (they also have other locations around Sydney). Their menu offers an array of rustic pasta dishes, mains and selection of pizzas.

Keep an eye out for the sign, Cafe Sopra is underground

Crisp Polenta, mixed mushrooms and gorgonzola piccante ($20)

Just some information in case anyone is unsure: polenta mainly consists of ground cornmeal and gorgonzola piccante is a type of blue cheese. Even though you’re probably staring at the foodporn with a growling stomach I’m not going to sugarcoat this, it tastes even better than it looks!

In general, crisp polenta for me tends to be more crisp but less flavourful than the conventional potato chip. When the decadent and creamy cheese sauce is paired with the polenta, the combination (although rich) is delicious. The vegetables also had their place by adding flavours to the dish. I would highly recommend ordering this (especially in winter!).

Lamb Ragu with Rosemary, chilli and rigatoni ($22)

There was enough sauce to coat the rigatoni and the dish was quite light relative other pastas I’ve had on their menu. Although this dish was under seasoned (definitely needed more salt), the lamb was tender and the overall flavour profile decent. I’d personally prefer a number of dishes on their menu over this one.

DSC_2858Conchigle with salsicce, crushed peas, mint and pecorino ($24)

This is one of my favourite dishes at Café Sopra. Heavier elements such as the creamy sauce, cheese and sausage paired well with the simple, light and fragrant flavours of pea and mint. I’ve got to admire dishes which are great in their simplicity; it’s also nice being able to identify the main ingredients in a dish just by taste. This is one dish which I’d also recommend.

DSC_2874Yogurt panna cotta with candied mandarin ($14.5)

The panna cotta was interesting. I could most definitely taste the yogurt and the texture/consistency was also nice. This was much lighter than other panna cottas I have had in the past (not surprising considering the use of yogurt instead of cream) but I wasn’t a fan of the candied mandarin; the scent wasn’t particularly appetising to me or my friends.

DSC_2901Torta banoffee ($14.5)

I’ve never had banoffee pie before. It’s a pie which mainly comprises of banana, cream and toffee (made from condensed milk). Although the bottom layer wasn’t an ideal hardness/density (my friends and I had to aggressively stab at it with our spoons), the flavoured cream and toffee elements were great and I enjoyed the flavours. Overall torta banoffee was a pretty good dessert.

They also have a recipe for this dessert on their website (which I’ll link at the bottom).

Café Sopra’s ambiance in the evening says casual dinner to me; the lighting is nice and dim but it’s quite noisy. The service was very accommodating; whilst sitting at a bar table, I was able to contact any of the staff behind the bar and order food or drinks. For me, Café Sopra delivers generous portion sizes and rustic menu items at a very reasonable price point. The dessert menu isn’t spectacular, but the overall experience makes me (and my fellow diners) happy to return in the (hopefully) very near future.

Café Sopra at Fratelli Fresh
11 Bridge St,
Sydney 2000

Torta Banoffee Recipe:

Phone: (02) 8298 2701
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