New Lunch Menu:
Jimmy Liks, Kings Cross

Visited on the 21st of February 2014.

Philsosophyy attended as a guest of Jimmy Liks.

The humble Vietnamese pork roll is something I’ve always loved for the most of obvious reasons – it’s tasty, cheap and requires no cutlery. After my recent first experience with Marrickville pork roll (which was so delicious!), I decided to look for other pork rolls around the CBD that could potentially rival its greatness.

Jimmy Liks has been running for over a decade and their regular menu draws influence from a variety of Asian cultures. Recently Jimmy Liks introduced a lunch menu Friday-Sunday which includes their take on the classic Banh Mi (pork roll) and Asian twist on a bacon and egg bun.

Jimmy Liks (3 of 9)Shot of the decor

DSC_8249Shot of the decor

DSC_8257Shot of the decor

Jimmy Liks (2 of 9)Vietnamese Coffee: drip filtered & served with condensed milk ($4)

Jimmy Liks (1 of 9)
Close up of the coffee

My friend ordered the Vietnamese coffee. She wished that there was a little less condensed milk but other than that, the coffee was good.

Jimmy Liks (7 of 9)Foodie friends are always patient :)

Arrival of the food!

Jimmy Liks (5 of 9)Saigon Sarnie: BBQ pork belly & duck egg roll ($10)

I had to dig into their modern twist on the bacon and egg roll first. The BBQ pork belly was rich, well seasoned & slightly crisp. The duck egg was also crispy on the outside but had an oozing egg yolk which I bit into it. The fresh herbs and chilli worked well in this sandwich as they helped to balance out the richness from the fried egg & pork belly. Love the concept the sandwich itself was pretty tasty!

DSC_8291  Under the hood

Jimmy Liks (6 of 9)Banh Mi: braised pork belly roll ($10)

The use of braised pork belly in Banh Mi was really good; I’ve always had a connection with braised pork belly and the simplicity of it. Does this Banh Mi beat Marrickville pork roll in my books? I can’t say that it does; the pâté and sauce is extremely hard to beat. That being said, the roll here was still fresh, flavourful and tasty – it still made for a good lunch.

Jimmy Liks (4 of 9)Banh Mi: crispy skin duck Vietnamese roll ($14)

I’m pretty sure at least one individual out there has fanaticised of their Banh Mi having roast duck instead of pork. The flavours were mostly the same (except for the duck of course!) but the duck still complemented the other components of the Banh Mi.

Jimmy Liks (9 of 9)Mid-section shot :)

Ambiance: The décor as Jimmy Liks was modern with an Asian twist. There were a few seats outdoors but most of the seating is under cover. I imagine that this venue could accommodate any size group given the layout of the restaurant.

Service: It wasn’t busy during my visit and the service was prompt, polite and informative.

Final Thoughts: I’ve already had a few friends say “I don’t know, $10 for Banh Mi seems pricey, I can get a pork roll for $4”. I’ll give anyone the same response: service doesn’t come free and neither does rent. It’s the same reason I’ll pay a premium for Ippudo located in the heart of Westfield Sydney.

The rolls at Jimmy Liks were pretty good overall and the setting was nice. I had a pleasant experience dining at Jimmy Liks and will most likely return in the future to try out their regular menu.

Jimmy Liks
186-188 Victoria St
Potts Point NSW 2011


Phone: (02) 8354 1400

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  1. My thoughts exactly! Makes me feel less guilty having a bacon and egg roll :)
    I only mentioned Marrickville cause so many people asked me how it compares, 99% of the time it’ll be the same answer :P

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