New Cafe on The Block:
Paramount Coffee Project, Surry Hills

Visited on the 14th of September 2013.

As much as I would love to say I discovered Paramount Coffee Project (PCP) through a wealth of knowledge about Sydney’s culinary scene and my ability to keep up with the media, I cannot. In reality, I just spend too much time on Instagram and I ran into a flood of photos containing nothing other than soft shell crab burgers! After reading into some articles, I learnt that Russell Beard (of famed Reuben Hills) and Mark Dundon (of Seven Seeds) are the minds behind the newly established PCP. PCP’s dining menu is offering a small array of American inspired dishes.

Entrance into PCP

Modern interior inside PCP

From another angle

Nice flowers sitting at the table

Bottom left: Vanilla Malt Milkshake ($8)
Top left/right: Dulce De Leche Milkshake ($8)

The milkshakes were served in some seriously retro cups with athletes dating back to time periods before my birth! The caramel milkshake was easy to slurp down as it wasn’t overly sweet. The flavour was good and for some peculiar reason, the aftertaste reminded me of cornflakes? (Referring to the leftover milk in your cereal bowl after finishing a bowl of cornflakes) I hope I’m not going insane…someone please some tell me they thought the same thing!

The vanilla malt milkshake was a little sweeter than the caramel milkshake and was also enjoyable. I think $8 is getting up there for the price of a milkshake, quite expensive given the portion.

They also had a peanut butter & jelly milkshake on the menu.

French Toasted Brioche Bread w/ banana custard, blueberries, chocolate dirt, pistachios ($12)

The French Toasted Brioche was quite good with chocolate and banana being the most predominant flavours in this dish (the pistachio was a little masked). Although I thought the banana custard would have been smoother (the custard had lumps of banana throughout), the overall flavour was nice.

Crab Po Boy: soft shell crab, house slaw, ranch dressing, milk bun ($18)

To my knowledge Po Boys are traditionally served in subs (I believe PCP now serves this dish in a sub since my visit). The Po Boy was tasty with some acidity pairing nicely with the rich fried soft shell crab. The slaw itself was quite light/fresh and the bun was soft and which made it easy to squish down and bite. The Po Boy was the unanimous favourite of the 3 dishes ordered.

Arrollado w/ egg, maple bacon, kale, avo & house made ketchup ($14)

Insides of the arrollado

If you’ve ever tried juicing or cooking kale at some point in your life, you’d know that it’s not the most pleasant thing to eat. It needs help. After I took my first monstrous bite into the arrollado, I was pleasantly surprised to discover the wrap tasted good! The eggs were cooked perfectly (with oozing egg yolks), the avocado was rich and the bacon was tasty. I would have preferred a little more maple flavour but overall I was pretty happy with the arrollado.

Runny egg yolk

Ambiance: The décor was modern, bright, clean and very pleasant. There weren’t very many seats available but the area was very spacious; lots of room to breathe, move about and walk around. Noise levels were moderate and they were playing some hip-hop music in the background (respect!). Venue would be ideal for most scenarios except really private conversations; most of the tables were large and shared and the vibe is very casual.

Service: The service was extremely friendly and enthusiastic during my visit; the waitress kindly assisted me with my inability to pronounce some menu items and clearly answered all questions.

Final thoughts: Probably should have tried the coffee… but I was in a milkshake mood xD. The food was quite flavourful, service was great and ambiance was really chilled which made for an enjoyable brunch session. The menu at the moment is quite small and although the food was pretty good, I wouldn’t go out on a limb and say it’s ‘amazing’. Worth a visit, I’ll probably return when the menu evolves in the future.

Paramount Coffee Project (PCP)
80 Commonwealth St
Surry Hills NSW 2010


Phone: 0410 311 494
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  1. That burger looks soo freaking goood. Anything crunchy sandwiched between a soft fluffy bun has my heart :)
    But yes, I do agree that $8 for a milkshake is rather on the steep side :(

  2. I like your positioning of the photo signature. It looks like they renamed their restaurant to philsosophyy in one of them lol. Also pro face blur :P

    • Haha! I think it can be justified with my almost 8 year old computer set up; I can’t even run photoshop/lightroom because my hardware & software is so old -.-

      Will improve my editing skills & make a proper watermark when I get a new laptop/PC =P

  3. Funny how I just walked past today and got to try their amazing apricot tart with roséwater jelly! Their coffee is not disappointing too :)

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