Modern Mediterranean Meal:
Kepos St Kitchen, Redfern

Visited on the 31st of August 2013.

Kepos St Kitchen had been on my radar and ‘to eat list’ for a while; the presentation of their food and positive reviews from friends and fellow igers (instagramers) left me longing to visit for brunch. Located on Kepos St in Redfern (hence the name), it’s quite a distance from Redfern railway station for those who plan travel via train. The menu at Kepos is quite sizeable and offers Mediterranean/ modern menu options for breakfast & lunch. Since my visit, Kepos St Kitchen has also been awarded one hat by SMH’s good food guide.

Outside Kepos St Kitchen

Kepos St Kitchen Logo

DSC_8008Baked goods for purchase on the way in

The decor inside

Small Cappuccino ($3.5)

My friend opted for a cappuccino to kick-start her morning; the coffee was presented nicely and she said it was good!

Homemade Lemonade ($4.5)

The lemonade with mint was refreshing, tart and an ideal level of sweetness (i.e. not sugar loaded). I always appreciate the effort that goes into homemade drinks; the store-bought variety doesn’t even compare.

This beverage was a great way to get my taste buds jumping before the food arrived.

Soft baked eggs and tomato shakshuka, coriander tahini, sourdough ($15)

This dish was presented nicely with bright vibrant colours in the baked eggs and coriander tahini. The eggs were flavourful, seasoned well and cooked nicely with nice runny egg yolks. The tahini complemented the eggs with refreshing burst of coriander flavour to each bite. Although I found the tahini a little more bitter than I would have liked, my friend found the level of bitterness ideal so I guess it comes down to personal preference. Overall, a very good rendition of baked eggs and shakshuka.

Wagyu beef burger, pickled eggplant, walnuts, watercress, harissa ($18)

It’s so hard for me to resist ordering a burger; I really am a fatty at heart. Upon ordering my burger I was asked what temperature I would like the burger to be cooked to which I responded medium (my ideal cook for burger patty).

The glistening wagyu beef patty was served on a soft brioche bun with a generous dollop of harrisa (beneath the patty). The patty was extremely juicy (cooked to a good medium) and the overall burger was bursting with flavour. Although I didn’t get a kick of heat from the harrisa, this dish was still definitely a winner for me.

Tunisian style seared yellow fin tuna, eggplant, tomato, cucumber, egg, potato, harissa dressing ($19)

Unsure if this falls into the category of salad but either way, this dish was so damn flavourful! Long story short: the tuna was seared beautifully and the bowl of vegetables & egg was packed with flavour. Although this dish wasn’t heavy/rich, it was quite filling! Yes, it’s definitely worth ordering (even for you boys!) #Imadefriendswithsalad.

Ambiance: Located in a residential area, Kepos St Kitchen has a relaxed vibe about it. During my visit the café was full and the noise levels were moderate. The décor was very clean and modern; an ideal venue for any lazy morning or afternoon away from the busy CBD.

Service: There was a mix up with the table waiting list where my name was put down for a table of 4 instead of 2 which resulted in a 45 minute wait. Perhaps the issue could have been resolved a little quicker but mistakes do happen. Mix up aside, the staff were very friendly and attentive during my visit.

Final thoughts: Kepos St Kitchen’s food was definitely above par and sits in my books as one of the stand out brunches I’ve had. With the juicy burger, awesome ‘salad’ and flavourful baked eggs, I think Kepos has firmly earned its place. I will be returning to try their breakfast menu in the near future and I’d happily recommend this venue for breakfast or lunch.

Kepos St Kitchen
96 Kepos Street
Redfern NSW 2016


Phone: 02 9319 3919
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    • I went on a Sunday afternoon around 11:15am, the wait for two people was approximately 15-20 minutes (if everything went smoothly).

      It’s worth going though :) I think it will only get busier since Kepos made it into the Good Food Guide!

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