‘Let’s Do Dessert’ #4:
Flying Fish, Pyrmont

Visited on the 10th of October 2013.

For those of you who aren’t aware, it’s Good Food Month this October in Sydney. So what does this mean for us? We get to enjoy an array of culinary festivities, events and experiences popping up around town for people of all ages to enjoy.

One of these events is called “Let’s Do Dessert” where 23 different venues inclusive of Flying Fish, Baroque, Ocean Room and The Woods are offering a special dessert just for the month of October!

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My first visit to Flying Fish was around January 2013 where I stopped by for a cocktail with my friend. Although I wasn’t left with a good impression after my first visit, flying fish’s dessert offering for good food month sounded peculiar and was intriguing enough to bring me back for a second visit.

Flying Fish’s sugar hit offering was centred around a beetroot and vanilla sorbet. Yes, you read correctly, beetroot in a dessert!

Good food month notice

Beetroot and vanilla sorbet, orange curd, cocoa crumbs, sheep’s yogurt, braised fennel ($20)
(Served with a glass of wine)

Visually, the dish looked beautiful and very appetising. My friends and I dug into the beetroot and vanilla sorbet and we took a moment to process what we were eating. The sorbet was light, slightly sweet and very ‘earthy’ with beetroot being the predominant flavour. The chocolate crumbs made the dish a little heavier but it was balanced out with the sweet & acidic orange curd and sheep’s yogurt.

Overall I found dessert light and very unique; I loved the earthy theme! The balance was right for me and so far this takes the cake for my favourite sugar hit of 2013.

Lemon souffle, soft whipped creme fraiche & lemon curd semi freddo ($21)

The lemon soufflé was cooked perfectly; it was fluffy and every bite was airy (if you could eat a cloud, this is what it was feel like). The soufflé was sweet and very tart and the lemon curd semi freddo was also sour.

This was my friend’s favourite dessert (she has a #sourtooth!) and I also enjoyed this dessert. The soufflé’s tartness contrasted nicely with the other desserts on the menu; this is something you should order if you want to get your taste-buds jumping.

Valrhona ‘Ivory’ chocolate & yuzu ganache with yuzu sponge, honey comb, buttermilk mousse, mandarin ice cream ($19)

Without going into too much detail, there were enough yuzu components to ensure that yuzu remained the star of the dish. The overall dish remained quite light and was very flavourful; it was a really yummy dish and it was my other friend’s favourite of the evening!

Nashi Pear with vanilla sake, toasted macadamia, golden raisin, honey custard, genmaicha ice cream ($19)

I have a soft spot for nashi pear (it’s one of my childhood favourites!) and after seeing it on the menu I couldn’t resist ordering it. This dish was richer than I anticipateded and the nashi pear was more of an ‘extra’ or ‘co-star’ whilst the toasted macadamia and nutty flavours stole the show.

This dessert was nice, but wasn’t my favourite dessert from this visit. If you love nutty desserts, this is for you!

Ambiance: Flying fish is located at the end of Jones Bay Wharf and has a lovely waterfront view. The noise levels were quite low during my visit (it wasn’t very busy that Thursday evening) and the décor was very nice & clean. Most tables had low levels of light and the overall feel was intimate.

Service: Service was quite attentive and friendly, nothing negative to report here.

Final thoughts: Dessert at flying fish was pricey but delicious & well presented. I highly recommend going to flying fish for their SMH ‘let’s do dessert’ offering (unless you dislike beetroot) and trying their other desserts whilst you’re there. I leave flying fish on a positive note and look forward to returning for their spring dessert menu and perhaps dinner as well.

Flying Fish
21 Pirrama Rd
Pyrmont NSW 2009

Website: http://www.flyingfish.com.au/
Direct Link: http://sydney.goodfoodmonth.com/details?deal=130183

Phone: (02) 9660 9026

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  1. the let’s do dessert option has some interesting flavours! souffle looks fabulous – the last time I went to flying fish was a few years ago, but I have fond memories of the souffle!

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