‘Let’s Do Dessert’ #1:
Shangri-La Lobby Lounge, The Rocks

Visited on the 6th of October 2013.

For those of you who aren’t aware, it’s Good Food Month this October in Sydney. So what does this mean for us? People of all ages get to enjoy an array of culinary festivities, events and experiences popping up around town.

One of these events is called “Let’s Do Dessert” where 23 different venues inclusive of Flying Fish, Baroque, Ocean Room and The Woods are offering a special dessert just for the month of October!

My first dessert venue was the Shangri-La hotel where I went to experience ‘Anna’s Sweet Sampler’. I didn’t take any photos of the venue as I wanted to focus on the dessert for this post.

Anna’s sweet sampler: milk chocolate delice, passionfruit curd, grue cacao crunch, salted caramel, roast hazelnut, honey thyme pear strawberries ‘n’ crème graffiti lollipop ($20)
(Served with a glass of sparkling wine)

Milk Chocolate Delice

I must admit I was saddened when I had to dig into the milk chocolate delice, it was so well constructed. The textures were great with a little crunch from the bottom layer, bite from the two thin strips of milk chocolate and a smooth & velvety feel from the cream in the middle. The raspberries were quite tart and cut the richness from the chocolate which made it easier to eat. I wish there were one or two more raspberries but preferences aside, the delice was delicious!

Passionfruit curd, grue cacao crunch, salted caramel, roast hazelnut, honey thyme pear

This part of the dessert was refreshing with the fruity flavour from the pear and acidity really coming through from the passionfruit. I’m glad this wasn’t too heavy as the delice was quite rich.

Strawberries ‘n’ crème graffiti lollipop

The lollipop was the least interesting component, although I can appreciate the presentation of the lollipop, it eventually just tasted liked a mouthful of white chocolate. I personally found the lollipop too sweet.


Ambiance: I went at 6pm when the lighting was moderate and lounge was fairly quiet (as there weren’t many people present at that time). The décor was comfortable, clean and modern.

Service: I only really had two interactions with the service (as I just came for dessert) but the staff were friendly.

Final thoughts: If you’re like me and going around for ‘let’s do dessert’, I think this one is worth trying. I leave Shangri-La’s Lobby Lounge full of sugar, happy and satisfied.

Shangri-La Lobby Lounge
Level G
176 Cumberland Street
The Rocks, NSW 2000

Website: http://www.shangri-la.com/sydney/shangrila/dining/bars-lounges/lobby-lounge/
Direct Link: http://sydney.goodfoodmonth.com/details?deal=125057

Phone: (02) 9250 6144

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