Pub Grub and Catch up:
The Botanist, Kirribilli

Visited on the 29th of May 2013

As you can probably tell by the date I visited, I’m VERY late in publishing this! I’ve had this post written up on my computer for a month now but was caught up with final exams (please forgive me!). Now that I’ve explained myself (and you’ve hopefully forgiven me), onto the post :)

My friends organised a quick mid-week dinner for a casual catch up paired with a few drinks. The Botanist is located in Kiribilli and conveniently close to Milsons point train station. I arrived first at approximately 6:40pm and the place was PACKED! I instantly regretted my conscious decision to forego booking as I didn’t anticipate the venue to be this busy for a Wednesday evening. After the remainder of my friends arrived, we decided to stick it out and wait the 40 minutes for a table.

The Botanist Sign

Pan-fried haloumi on fattoush salad ($17)

I’m not going to lie; I’m an absolute sucker for haloumi cheese. Simply seeing its availability on a menu is all that is required for me to give into temptation. The Haloumi arrived to the table boasting a great golden brown crusty exterior sitting on a bed of fattoush salad. I can’t say I remember the last time I had a fattoush salad but I did enjoy this dish!

Spicy cauliflower fritters with lime
& cucumber relish ($13)

The cauliflower fritters were first to arrive to the table. The fritters were seasoned, spicy, crisp and not too greasy; a great accompaniment to nibble on whilst having a few drinks. I’m glad the cauliflower taste wasn’t masked during the cooking process (I love my cauliflower!). I feel obliged to mention that my friends didn’t find this as appetising as the other dishes but I personally liked them; I guess it comes down to tastes and preferences :P.

Classic burger sliders (4): Classic gourmet beef & cheese with pickled red onion, gherkins & tomato relish ($20)
Pulled pork sliders (4): Pulled pork with braised red cabbage & apple sauce ($20)

Sliders are always great for a group of friends when you’re craving a good burger and want to share the experience without the mess. Going in a group of 4 made the sliders look like a no-brainer when reading the menu.

Second angle for the sliders

Classic burger slider: Classic gourmet beef & cheese with
pickled red onion, gherkins & tomato relish

The beef slider was delicious. The patty was moist with a good texture, the ratio of bun to burger was generous and the condiments & toppings were both flavourful and acidic. My friends also demolished their beef sliders – no complaints here!

Under the hood of the pork slider

The pork slider surprisingly had some kick! Although the apple sauce did offset the heat from the pulled pork slightly, the pork still had a mild level of spice. If you read my post from Ananas, you’d know that I love the apple and pork combitnation; although I couldn’t taste the cabbage very much, I personally enjoyed the heat of the pork and the overall slider was really yummy.

DSC_2185Chicken Tacos (4): Chilli chicken, lettuce, onion,
sour cream, tomato and black beans ($20)

Firstly, let me apologise for the atrocious picture of the tacos! I don’t approve of bad foodporn but am making an exception as I’d prefer to have some form of visual representation rather than a blank space. It’s also the reason I didn’t upload this or the fitters up onto instagram.

DSC_2195Close up of the chicken taco

The chicken itself inside the taco was succulent and flavourful; the toppings were well seasoned and had a little spice to it as well. I personally couldn’t really taste the sour cream component of the taco and at times the taco was a little dry. There was a sauce/salsa present but I still wish there were some more moisture in the taco. When comparing to other tacos I’ve had in Sydney, I can’t say this up there with my favourites. Overall this taco was okay.

The atmosphere at the botanist on a busy Wednesday evening is similar to a pub with a decent crowd within it. The lighting is dim and would be ideal if you’re looking to have some above average pub food over a few drinks with friends. The price of the food isn’t overly expensive and is great for sharing amongst small groups. My experience with the service this evening was pleasant; the waiter was friendly and quirky and the food came at a good pace. I’d recommend running to the sliders first if you’re only planning to ordering one thing on the menu.

The Botanist
17 Willoughby St,
Kirribilli NSW 2061

Phone: (02) 9954 4057

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