Jones Bay Brunch Session:
Cafe Morso, Pyrmont

Visited on the 5th of July 2013.

When it comes to breakfast, brunch or lunch I must confess, I’m a bit of a city-slicker and my primal instincts direct me towards Surry Hills or the CBD. However, the weather on this particular day was pleasant to see in the middle of winter; little wind with an abundance of sunlight! Feeling as if I’d be wasting the beautiful weather, I made a conscious decision to convince my friends to venture out to Café Morso in Pyrmont. Café Morso is neatly situated on Jones Bay wharf serving up conventional & unique breakfast and lunch dishes.

My first visit to Café Morso was sometime during late December 2012/early January 2013; it was a great first experience and I was very eager to make a return!

Scenery around the cafe

Another angle

Cafe Morso’s Banner

View from the table

Indoor seating decor

Banana Smoothie with Honey, Yogurt and Cinnamon ($5.5)

Strawberry and Rhubarb Smoothie with Honey and Yogurt ($5.5)

My smoothie was quite light and mellow with a nice rhubarb flavour throughout. Although it wasn’t the best smoothie I’ve had, it certainly did the job of keeping me refreshed on this warm day.

Dutch Chocolate Milkshake ($5)

My friend already had a few sips of the milkshake before I got a chance to take this photo (hence the wet straw =p). Although I didn’t try it, he couldn’t stop mentioning how good this milkshake was! I’ll have to order this next time I go.

Bacon and egg gnocchi, baby herbs, black truffle salt ($18)

Upon arrival, my friend asked the waitress what her favourite menu item/s were in which she replied the bacon and egg gnocchi. I took her word for it and after I took my first bite, I immediately understood why. This dish was really rich but it was so damn delicious! The gnocchi had a great texture, egg was perfectly poached and thick slices of toast helped soak up the bacon & truffle salt infused oil. Something worth ordering if you enjoy a fairly heavy brunch.

Sliced open egg

DSC_4614Chargrilled sirloin steak sandwich: rocket, onion relish, caramelised beetroot, bacon, swiss cheese, hand cut chips ($20)

The description of this sandwich is probably at the epitome of sandwich filling combinations. I’ve had this sandwich before as have many of my other friends. The portion was generous, the house made chips were great as was the overall flavour and cook on the meat. The one criticism I (and my friends) had about the sandwich was the gristle on the steak; it’s not the most pleasant thing to chew through whilst eating a sandwich.

DSC_4655Seaweed battered fresh fish of the day, chips, wasabi mayo, watercress cucumber salad ($23)

Naturally, I associate waterfronts with seafood and I couldn’t look past the seaweed fried fish. Although the batter was a little wet, it was nice and crisp. The seaweed flavour was subtle and fish was moist. I was pleasantly surprised when I tasted the wasabi mayo and discovered it had a little kick to it (I don’t go for a tame wasabi anything =p)! The cucumber & watercress salad on the plate was refreshing and the shoestring fries were also nice and crispy.

Shot of the salad hidden under the fish

Ambiance: The decor was quite nice and it’s really hard to beat the vibrant waterfront view. The noise levels were a little below moderate as the cafe is quite secluded on a weekend (I’ve heard it can be quite noisy on weekdays as businesses are located around this area). I would say this venue would be appropriate for most occasions on a sunny day.

Service: The service was polite, down to earth and quite attentive; nothing particularly negative happened with the service during my experience here.

Final thoughts: Cafe Morso’s menu is ever changing and usually comes up with a dish or three which ends up enticing me to return. The food was modern, presented nicely and the service was good. Although the gristle in the sandwich was a little bit unpleasant, the overall experience was good. I see myself returning here again for another brunch session in the immediate future.

Cafe Morso
21 Pirrama Rd
Pyrmont NSW 2009


Phone: (02) 9692 0111

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    • I went on a more recent occasion and their dutch chocolate milkshake was so good! I think their milkshakes are better than smoothies but that’s my 2 cents.

      It’s a decent venue on a sunny day for brunch :)

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