It’s That Ramen Kind of Weather #2:
Ryo’s Noodles, Crows Nest

Visited on the 11th of June 2013

It’s no secret; during winter my consumption of ramen increases significantly. The average human has blood running through their veins; ram-omnivores have broth running through their veins (usually of the pork or chicken variety). Bad joke aside, Ryo’s Noodles is a small ramen house located in Crows N est serving up ramen and traditional Japanese cuisine.

This wasn’t my first visit to Ryo, I’ve been here before on two separate occasions and ordered their ramen in Spicy pork broth. It’s awesome to have a ramen house conveniently close to work.

Gyoza (pan fried dumplings) ($7)

At $7 per serving of 5 Gyoza, I was initially surprised with the price point given that their price for ramen is significantly lower than Ipuddo (Ippudo charges $6 per serving of 5 Gyoza). However after I bit into one, I instantly understood why; it is filled with pork! Sometimes I find Gyoza with lots of vegetables/little pork in the filling; I was more than happy to pay the $7 given quantity of pork filling in these. Oh and yes, they were cooked well and delicious!

Roast Pork Slices ($6.5)

These were a little fatty last time I had them, but they’re really tender! Can’t really go wrong with an extra helping of pork =p

DSC_3437(Chicken Broth) Ramen in spicy hot flavoured soup w/ roast pork, egg and shallots ($13.5)

Visually, the broth appeared semitransparent in contrast to their pork based broths. This was definitely reflected in the flavour of the broth. The chicken broth was much lighter than their pork broth and was reminiscent of a well-made flavourful chicken soup. The noodles were good (had some bite), pork was tender and egg was also tasty. As for spice level it’s pretty mild; a little kick, but won’t burn your tongue off.

I haven’t had chicken broth at any ramen house before Ryo so I can’t really draw a comparison, but it was less fatty than any pork broths I’ve had anywhere. It’s a great option if you’re craving ramen without all the fattiness & density.

DSC_3452(Pork broth) Ramen in soy sauce flavoured soup w/ roast pork, nori, egg and shallots ($13.5)

Ryos pork broth manages to be flavourful without the heaviness of other pork broths I’ve had in Sydney. Overall, I still enjoy their pork broth on the odd days when I’m looking for a ‘light’ pork ramen. Relative to Ippudo and Gumshara, Ryo’s pork broth is lighter, less dense and not quite as intense in flavour. This is also a good option if you’re craving ramen in pork broth without the density.

My experience at Ryo was during lunch time on a weekday. The ambiance speaks very casual dining to me; the noise levels were moderate but it’s not very spacious (Ryo’s Noodles is a fairly small ramen house). Their service was good and at their price point, I found the portions generous and great value. Although I prefer a more rich/dense ramen, this is one venue I’d be happy to send someone craving a lighter ramen.

Ryo’s Noodles
125 Falcon St,
North Sydney NSW 2060

Website: N/A

Phone: (02) 9955 0225
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