Glebe Diaries Part #3:
In The Annex, Glebe

Visited on the 22nd of June 2014.

In the Annex landed on my brunch list after I read their menu and saw a Nutella milkshake many months ago. However it wasn’t until recent times that my friend and I decided to visit the café after seeing a glorious picture of their twice cooked pork belly bun!

I hadn’t read SMH’s 2014 good café guide this year, but I heard that In The Annex won ‘Best Small Café’. I don’t believe their menu derived from a specific cuisine type, it was a mixed bag of goodies inclusive of breakfast burritos with Tabasco , pork belly with steamed buns and baked eggs.

DSC_3893Entrance to In The Annex

DSC_3889Shot of the interior

Apologies for  the dodgy photo, I took this shot last minute as I walked out.

DSC_3866Twice cooked pork belly w/ spicy slaw on a steamed bun ($8.5 each)

I couldn’t help but dig into the pork belly bun first! The pork belly itself was delicious and the steamed bun was soft and a little fluffy. The spicy red cabbage slaw melded the dish together and made this bun a clear favourite for my friend. Definitely recommend trying this whilst there!

DSC_3887Black Pudding w/ saffron aioli and fried eggs ($16)

Take away the bread and I’m pretty sure this is Atkins certified :P. A heavy dish but my gosh did it taste good! The blood sausage was a little on the salty side but packed with flavour, the eggs were cooked perfectly and the saffron aioli was also really delicious. This was my favourite dish :).

I suggest going slow on the aioli because the blood sausage was quite dry without it – I lapped up my aioli up far too quickly.

DSC_3851Kale and egg roll: aioli, chilli relish ($8.5) added crispy bacon ($2)

Don’t let the picture deceive you, the bun was softer than it looks. I still have the upmost respect for cafes willing to use kale in their dishes – it’s not the easiest thing to make delicious in my books. The roll came with kale and egg, but you can add bacon for a little extra. The roll was simple and satisfying, no regrets ordering it whatsoever.

We also ordered a breakfast burrito but I didn’t keep the photo because I took a blurry shot. I’ll just make a short note here in saying that it was also pretty tasty.

Ambiance: The vibe was chilled and relaxing – I loved the music playing in the background during my visit (oh yeah, R&B!). The décor was quirky and comfortable, I would say the café could seat no more than 30 people at capacity but there was a large communal table available which could quite easily seat a group of 9 or so diners.

Service: Food was a little slow to come out but the service was friendly, charming and attentive. The waitress I had was both genuine and enthusiastic!

Final Thoughts: I was scrolling down Instagram and somebody wrote ‘the only reason there isn’t a line or 40 minute queue down the street is because it’s not in Crown Street’. I can’t help but concur.

My stomach was happy, I was happy and I left this place with nothing but positive thoughts and plans to return.

I’d happily recommend this café to anyone.

In The Annex
35 Ross St
Forest Lodge NSW 2037


Phone: (02) 8041 6536

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