Glebe Diaries Part #2:
Alfie & Hetty, Glebe

Visited on the 9th of February 2014.

Here’s the second installment of my Glebe eating adventures! When I looked into Alfie & Hetty’s menu online, it quickly became a no brainer. I had to give this place a visit! Triple cooked fries, short ribs, SMOKED burgers, scallops and pulled pork in one venue? My only question to myself was why I never heard of this place earlier.

Alfie & Hetty’s menu was segmented into the categories of “ocean, earth, land and roasts” and offered a variety of vegetarian, seafood and carnivorous options. Although we were tempted by some vegetarian options such as the zucchini flowers and scallops from the ocean section, my friends and I ended up opting to go down the meat path that particular evening.

DSC_7611Outside Alfie & Hetty

DSC_7654Decor inside Alfie & Hetty

DSC_7655Decor inside Alfie & Hetty

DSC_7647House Smoked Angus Beef, Brioche Royal Double Cheese Burger ($20)

I couldn’t go past the smoked double cheese burger when I saw it on the menu – never had I consumed a smoked burger in my lifetime and I’m always about new experiences. The brioche was rich and soft and the beef patties were still juicy! Best of all, the smoky flavour really came through in each mouthful. The only downside with this burger was the wet base; the slaw and tomato made the bottom bun of the burger soggy which made the burger a little bit difficult to eat. Asides from the soggy base, my first smoked burger experience was a positive one and I also liked the house-made pickle.

DSC_7620Hetty’s Brioche Burger: Angus Beef, Gorgonzola & Tomato Relish & House Made Pickle ($19)

My other friends opted to try the regular burger with gorgonzola cheese. They said that the gorgonzola could be tasted when eaten alone or with the beef patty alone but was masked when eating the burger as a whole. Overall they said this burger was somewhere between okay to pretty good.

DSC_76282 Day Braised Short Ribs w Hetty’s Famous Glaze & Chips (Two Share) ($56)

The short rib portion was sizable and come with a giant mount of fries, slaw and aioli. The short rib alone could probably be finished by an extremely famished individual but combined with the sides, it definitely made a meal for two.

The short rib was effortlessly tender and was served with a spoon (that’s how tender it was!). The rub on ribs was tasty and complemented the beef.

DSC_7629Hand Cut Trice Cooked Rustic Chips w Garlic Aioli & Slaw (Came with the Short Ribs)

The fries were seasoned nicely with a slightly crisp exterior and fluffy interior. I personally prefer my chips a little more on the crispy side but I hear that others prefer them to be on the softer side – either way the flavour was there!

The slaw was okay, nothing I need to rave about but the aioli was nice too.

Ambiance: There was seating out front of the venue, indoors and upstairs on a balcony. The décor inside had a homey feel whereas the outdoor seating felt very laid back and casual. The venue itself wasn’t small and I believe could cater to fairly large groups

Service: Towards the end of the evening the service was a little slow. However, service throughout most of the evening was very charismatic, attentive and fun which made for a good evening.

Final Thoughts: I was surprised when the dinner bill arrived. Although we only had a main each, there was enough food on the table to keep everyone satiated and it worked out to be just over $20 per head. Alife & Hetty has its charm and the food here to me was reasonably priced and quite good – it’s a place to consider if you want a casual and unpretentious meal.

I feel as if my friends and I didn’t explore the menu as extensively as we should have (3 of us ordered burgers); I may return at some point to try some of their seafood dishes and to devour another serving of their trice cooked fries with aioli.

Alfie & Hetty
207-209 Glebe Point Rd
Glebe NSW 2037


Phone: (02) 8957 0652

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