Fusion Flavours for Brunch:
Japone Sushi, Newtown

Visited on the 4th of August 2013.

Japone Sushi was brought to my attention by a fellow instagramer who recommended visiting if I was ever around Newtown. After my usual preliminary research, I decided to give Japone a visit and ventured there one Sunday afternoon. The menu at Japone consists of both traditional Japanese and large quantity of Japanese fusion dishes.

Japone Wall Art Inside

Cool Symbol on the Chair

Tako Yaki: Octopus ball with Japanese Worcestershire, mayo & Tuna Flakes ($7)

This was my first experience trying Tako Yaki (yes I know, my friends have already dissed me numerous times after confessing this). Inside each lightly crisp ball was a succulent whole piece of octopus. I can’t believe that no one informed me that Tako Yaki existed prior to this visit; these were served piping hot and delicious!

Sashimi Tacos: filled with fresh seafood, cilantro, red onion. Spicy garlic miso sauce & guacamole ($12)

(Close Up of the Tacos)

The tacos were visually appealing with a nice amount of filling in each taco shell. Overall the tacos were flavourful, fresh and light. At $12 for a serving of 4, I thought these were seriously great value for money. I also hope they make a soft taco shell version of this one day.

Spider King Roll (8 Pcs): Soft shell crab & cucumber roll, topped with spicy tuna fish roe and Japanese pickle radish ($14)

I don’t think anyone can deny the generosity of ingredients in this dish. Not only was soft shell crab packed into the sushi but a serving of tuna & roe was placed on top of each piece. The rice was served body temperature and seasoned nicely whilst the other ingredients were fresh and tasty. Overall I found this roll to be very filling and pretty delicious!

Big Fat Dragon (8 fat pcs): Prawn tempura, eel, avocado, cucumber roll, topped with tempura white fish, tempura flakes, fish roe. Garlic butter sauce, sweet soy reduction ($15.8)

I decided to order the most fused dish on the menu I could find which was the big fat dragon roll. With fried tempura, a reduction of soy and garlic butter, it shouldn’t come as a surprise when I say this dish was heavy & rich for sushi. I feel so guilty saying this (imagine that calorie count!) but the roll was tasty even though it had a lot of flavours going on; this is what you should order if you’re craving western flavours on your sushi or want to try something different.

Close up :)

Ambiance: The venue itself is quite small and the décor/layout says casual dining to me. The noise levels were low during my visit which made it ideal for a catch up. This venue is definitely suitable for a laid back & casual gathering of any sort.

Service: I was a little unsure as to whether I was meant to walk up to the counter to pay or whether the bill would be brought to the table. Asides from that, the service was friendly and attentive during my visit.

Final Thoughts: I was very happy with my visit to Japone Sushi. The food was of good standard, presented nicely, unique and I found it to be great value for money as well. Although the décor could use a little work, the return factor is here for me and I’d be happy to recommend the venue to anyone looking for casual Japanese/fusion experience.

Japone Sushi
381 King St
Newtown NSW 2042

Website: http://www.japonesushi.com.au/

Phone: (02) 9517 3664

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  1. I love the photos! Definitely a funky and stylish place with beautifully presented japanese fusion dishes :) and the price tag sounds reasonable, given the food is so pretty on the dish, but I definitely recommend going to street-food type stalls to get takoyaki balls, cos those babies are delicious in the homely cooked style at 6 for $4.50 in chinatown :)

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