French Patisserie:
La Renaissance Cafe, The Rocks

Visited on the 21st of June 2013

Located in the heart of the rocks near circular quay, La Renaissance has been a long-standing café & patisserie which was established over 20 years ago. La renaissance is a French café offering a multitude of delectable desserts, sweet & savoury pastries and some seriously visually beautiful cakes. This is one of the occasions where the visual presentation of food was enough to send me running to their doors.

La Renaissance Cafe’s shop front

Dining area out back

Hot Chocolate

My friend thought the hot chocolate was good; nothing I need to blabber on about :)

Large Mocha

The mocha was decent; I really shouldn’t have ordered a large one however, I was seriously buzzing all afternoon (I’m not a regular coffee drinker)!

Larme de Gaugin: Mixed berry mousse encased in decorative joconde and topped with glazed mixed berries ($8)

I loved the presentation & colour scheme of this cake; I could stare at it all day! The cake itself was denser than I anticipated, but the cake overall was pretty good. Berry flavours are predominant; the sponge was soft and still moist. Personally this wasn’t my favourite of the 3 cakes sampled in terms of flavour; if berry cakes are more suited to your palate, this is something you should try.

DSC_3846_EditedZulu: Valrhona “Araguani” 72% and Jivara 40% chocolate mousse with a chew salted caramel “Araguani” ganache centre, macaroon biscuit and flourless chocolate biscuit base ($9)

This cake while still rich, was a lot lighter than it looks; surprisingly my friend and I found it less dense than Gaugin! You could definitely taste the salted caramel and there were a few different textures going on in this cake. I quite liked this cake and I’m almost certain any chocolate lover would happily devour this.

Le Roi SoleilLe Roi Soleil: Mango mousse with creamy jasmine centre, pine nut nougatine and pain de genes biscuit base ($9.5)

To my knowledge, “pain de genes” is a form of almond cake. I thought this cake was the least visually impressive of the three cakes we ordered (not to say it wasn’t presented nicely) but this tasted so good! The cake was soft, moist, flavourful and well balanced. It wasn’t too heavy or light and the mango mousse worked well with the other flavours. This was my favourite cake of the three; my friend really enjoyed it too (she even took the last bite!). #firstworldproblems

Baguette Saucisson et Crudites (Angle 1)
Baguette Saucisson et Crudites: Hungarian salami with mixed leaf salad and cornichon mayonnaise ($9)

The baguette was okay; the filling and flavours were simple and minimalistic. Let’s not over complicate the ever humble baguette :)

Baguette Saucisson et Crudites
Unwrapped baguette

Saumon Fumé QuicheSaumon Fumé (Smoked Salmon and Dill) Quiche ($6.5)

The quiche was well seasoned and moist; smoked salmon flavour was present in the whole quiche (even though there was only a single piece on the top of the quiche). Overall I thought the quiche was above average but not my favourite in Sydney.

Ambiance: The area was quiet and décor okay (nothing cozy or fancy); it says quick casual catch up to me.
Note: I went during an odd hour on a weekday (11am) so the café out back was fairly empty.

Service: The service was good; the counter staff were friendly (really understanding of my horrible French pronunciations) and the wait staff cleared the table frequently enough so the table was never over crowded with plates.

Final thoughts: It’s a nice little spot which caters to a sweet tooth and would be ideal for a catch up. Cakes here are far from average and presentation of sweets are decadent to say the least. As I eat savoury foods more often than sweets, I’ll be returning infrequently. I found the cakes much more impressive than the quiche & baguette.

La Renaissance Cafe Patisserie
47 Argyle St,
The Rocks NSW 2000


Phone: (02) 9241 4878
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