Fast Festival Feast:
CHISWICK At The Gallery, The Domain

Visited on the 28th of December 2014.

Philsosophyy received the first two dishes courtesy of Sydney Festival.

It’s been a long while since I’ve written and there are a multitude of reasons for that but I’ll save that for another post :). CHISWICK in Woollahra had been on my list for well over a year so when I received news of their opening at the Art Gallery of NSW, I was rather excited!

As a part of Sydney Festival, restaurants inclusive of Sokyo, Cafe Sydney, Glass Brasserie & Chiswick at the Gallery are participating by offering either $30, $55 or á la carte options for you to get fueled up before venturing out to explore #sydfest.

You can find the list of participating restaurants here:

DSC_1589CHISWICK logo at the entrance

DSC_1795Shot of the decor

I really loved the decor, there was an abundance of natural light (great for IG & food photography :P)!

DSC_18031Shot of the main dining area

I took this photo around 2:00pm on Sunday, the venue was packed by 1:00pm that Sunday afternoon.

 DSC_1600Fast Festival Feast Menu

These are the two wines & dishes available as part of the fast festival feast menu. For $30 you may receive one of the two dishes & wines.

DSC_1630 Table side serving of parmesan cheese

Can’t ever say no to cheese!

DSC_1657Roast Otello tomatoes, fregola, Warrigal greens, chilli (Fast Festival Fest dish #1)

The fregola dish was tasty with a bulk of the flavour coming from the roast tomatoes. The greens added some texture as they had a bite to them and the parmesan provided some richness.

DSC_1652Roast fillet of trevalla, zucchini, dill (Fast Festival Feast dish #2)

DSC_1636Roast trevalla (second angle)

Trevalla is a really lean fish so I can imagine it being unforgiving when overcooked. Needless to say, my friend and I were really happy to discover fish was cooked well and moist throughout. The dish overall was very light, something you would want to go for if you want a guilt-free meal.

This would definitely fit your macros for you fellow IIFYMers out there :P.

After we finished our fast festival feast, my friend and I opted to stay and explore more dishes as paying patrons.

DSC_1684Snow crab slider, lettuce, kewpie, gherkins ($10 each)

My curiosity was peaked as I large number of these sliders fly out the kitchen during my visit. After I had my first bite, I could see why they were so popular! The snow crab patty was delicious and the whole slider worked. Definitely recommend ordering these and at least one each!

DSC_1709Crispy fried quail, jalapeno, Sriracha mayonnaise ($24)

The quail itself was crispy on the outside and moist in the centre. The dish came out with a good helping of mayo and red cabbage, can’t help but wish there were a few more jalapenos in there :p.

DSC_1739Treacle tart, burnt butter ice cream ($17)

Fairly certain this was my first experience with treacle but happy to say it was a mostly positive one. The dish also came out with some fresh raspberries but the highlight for me was the burnt butter ice cream!

DSC_17693Watermelon, strawberries, strawberry ice cream ($17)

This dessert tasted like summer – refreshing, light and fruity. My favourite part was fruit leather, probably because it pandered to my childhood memories of eating fruit roll-ups :).

Ambiance: The venue was spacious with an abundance of natural light and visually appealing decor. CHISWICK was buzzing during my visit and could cater to small or large or small groups.

Service: Although the service was slow at times, the service was friendly and professional with every encounter.

Final Thoughts: The fast festival feasts is a great option for those who want to sample the food at a given restaurant without having to go through a full 3-course meal or want to have a quick meal before going outside to explore Sydney Festival.

The options of fregola & trevalla were very light dishes and appropriate for the Sydney Festival occasion as I think most of us don’t like walking around too much with giant food babies :P.

Although some dishes were more impressive than others & the bill can get quite pricey, the ambiance was very welcoming and my overall experience was mostly positive. There was enough here to warrant the return factor for me and I look forward to returning sometime in the near future.

CHISWICK at the Gallery
Art Gallery of NSW
Art Gallery Road
The Domain
Sydney NSW 2000


Phone: +61 2 9225 1819

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