Contemporary Concepts:
China Republic, Town Hall

Visited on the 22nd of May 2014.

Philsosophyy attended as a guest of China Republic.

I had never heard of China Republic until a few weeks prior of my visit to the restaurant. After doing some quick probing around, mixed reviews left me slightly nervous but I decided to go in and experience the restaurant for myself. Located in the CBD at World Square, China Republic was quite easy to find and travel to.

The menu consisted of Chinese dishes infused with modern flair, so expect traditional menu items such as Peking duck and modern creations such as walnut parfait.

DSC_2577China Republic Logo

DSC_2582 China Republic’s Entrance

China Republic (4 of 5)Decor Inside China Republic

China Republic (5 of 5)China Republic Interior

DSC_2363 White Cut Chicken served with Spicy Lemon Sauce ($15)

The poached chicken was the first dish to come out and I was immediately intrigued by the green sauce. The sauce was tart, a little spicy and flavourful with presence of garlic, shallots and lemon. This was a tasty dish that would be really great with a side of boiled white rice.

DSC_2394China Republic Deep Fried Selection ($24)

The selection consisted of lamb & zucchini dumplings, pork cigars & fish dumplings. The dish was plated nicely but the flavours were okay, I hold preference to other dishes consumed on the evening.

China Republic (1 of 1)Whole Peking Duck ($88)

DSC_2412Peking Duck (after slicing)

The picture above was not the full serving of duck, this was just one of the multiple plates served at the table so it was easier to share :).

The waitress recommended eating the duck skin with white sugar before creating our own pancake combinations.

The skin was crispy and the duck was both succulent and well-seasoned. No need to over complicate the humble Peking duck – it was delicious and that’s all that needs to be said!

(Peking duck side dishes ($2)

The side dish plates available at China Republic could be used as a definition for consumer sovereignty; I loved the idea of experimenting and trying different combinations with each duck pancake.

DSC_2465Hot and Spicy Fish Fillets ($32)

Don’t let the neutral colour fool you, this dish definitely had a kick to it! The sous vide fish fillets were extremely tender and the dish as a whole was flavourful.

DSC_2449Kung Pao Chicken with Peanuts ($22)

The chicken was neatly presented and to me, acted as a comforting winter dish. Also a nice complementary dish to a steaming bowl of rice.

DSC_2438Chef’s Special Sweet & Sour Spare Ribs ($28)

My favourite dish of the evening! Spare ribs always have a place in my heart and these ones were particularly good. The sticky sauce coated the tender spare ribs and were finger-licking good! I recommend this dish if you’re planning a visit to China Republic :).

DSC_2468China Republic Signature Fried Rice ($24)

The fried rice was tasty and loaded with prawns! The only thing which would hinder me from ordering this again would be the price point – $24 is on the upper-end for fried rice in my books.

DSC_2520Walnut Parfait ($8)

First dessert was the walnut parfait which had nice minimalist plating. The walnut flavour was present throughout the parfait and I found this dessert to be light and delicious! This was something I would happily consume again.

DSC_2503Coconut Tapioca with Mango and Grapefruit ($9.8)

The coconut tapioca and mango ice cream paired well together and was a refreshing way to polish off the meal. It has my recommendation if you’re considering this option for dessert.

DSC_2534Complementary V.I.P Room Fruit Platter

Hands down the most elegantly presented fruit platter I’ve had at any Chinese restaurant! This is how the fruit platter is presented when a function room is booked. The fruit was really fresh as well.

China Republic (3 of 5)Dessert Platter ($14.50-$28.50) 

DSC_2559Dessert Platter ($14.50-$28.50) 

The dessert platter was also beautifully presented, but unfortunately I was too full to sample most of the desserts on the platter.

I’ll be sure to save some room next time!

Ambiance: The décor was both luxurious and beautiful. The restaurant felt contemporary even with all the traditional ornaments positioned around the dining area. China republic has two floors for dining available and could cater to a group of virtually any size.

Service: Service throughout the evening was polite and accommodating.

Final Thoughts: Yes the price point is on the higher end, I’m not going to contest that. China Republic offers a modern/contemporary Chinese dining experience and I felt that they delivered. I found a majority of the dishes to be delicious and the service and décor also worked in their favour.

I’m glad I have a new venue to go to when I’m looking for a modern Chinese dining experience; sometimes an occasion calls for lavish surrounds with Chinese cuisine. I’ll be returning to China Republic sometime in the near future, especially for another fix of their parfait and tapioca!

China Republic
World Square Shopping Centre, Shop 1041
680 George St
Sydney NSW 2000


Phone: (02) 8081 0888

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  1. WOW! I’ve been to so many Chinese restaurants ever since I was young but this looks super unique and definitely a lot more contemporary than what I’m used to – eager to go for a visit! Even the fruit platter looks fancy.

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