Baked Egg Cravings:
Cafe Mint, Surry Hills

Visited on the 1st of June 2013

To be honest with you, instead of eating here I really should have been doing my assignment. When you’re looking for any excuse to procrastinate and your fellow sibling briefly mentions her cravings of baked eggs, you quickly find yourself wandering around Surry Hills. Café mint is one of the multitude cafes located on Crown St, Surry hills; their menu offers Mediterranean and Middle Eastern options for breakfast. The food accentuates a unique flavour profile, especially when you compare it to most of your conventional classic breakfasts.

Cafe Mint’s Sign

Keeping it 21st Century

House made iced peach tea ($5.5)

My sister opted to go for the ice tea. To me iced tea is iced tea, but points definitely go to mint for making it in house rather than serving a store bought product.

Ice Coffee ($6.5)

The presence of a little caffeine craving in the morning resulted in my decision to go for an iced coffee. I was both intrigued and surprised when my iced coffee arrived at the table. Why? Probably because (according to my sister) I’m the only 21 year old in Sydney whom has never heard of or experienced honey in their iced coffee (please tell me I’m not the only one!). I’m no coffee expert unfortunately but as far as ice coffees go, I did enjoy my beverage! I think the combination of honey and ice coffee will become a regular thing for me now :)

Basturma eggs: scrambled w/ shaved cured beef & herbs.
Served with Turkish Toast.
Extra side of haloumi ($3.5)

I hope this plate looks somewhat appetising because I really enjoyed this dish. The eggs were flavoursome, a nice consistency and moist. The cured beef was reminiscent of another cured meat I’ve had before but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it (I think it reminded me of biltong), either way the meat was delicious. My side of haloumi was grilled nicely and the Turkish toast was a nice change from my usual sourdough.

Baked eggs w/ chackchouka: A north African dish of eggs baked with capsicum, onion and tomato ($17.5)
Extra side of Sucuk (Turkish type of beef chorizo) ($3.5)

The eggs were cooked perfectly; liquid gold began to flow out of the eggs when they were popped. My sister and I were presently surprised when we tasted the dish and there was a kick! Asides from the clear Mediterranean flavours parading in my mouth, this dish had a nice subtle heat to it (I’m unsure if this is attributed to the side chorizo or the dish itself). Although my sister said she preferred Ruben Hill’s baked eggs, she still enjoyed this rendition.

Some eggporn

Cafe Mint’s ambiance is comfortable and has relatively low levels of noise (even when full) compared to some other cafes I have I visited in the past. Their service was good during my experience; welcoming, polite and present without being intrusive. Cafe mint is decent cafe and delivered a pleasurable experience for me. Although it doesn’t make my personal list of favourite cafes (this isn’t a bad thing, this list VERY short), their flavour profile leaves me curious enough to return one day for lunch or dinner.

Mint Café
579 Crown St,
Surry Hills NSW 2010


Phone: (02) 9319 0848

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