At the Brink of Perfection..:
All Good Things Eatery, Kingsgrove

Visited on the 13th of March 2014.

UPDATE (24/05/2014): After receiving distasteful, out of context and racist personal attacks from the staff at ‘All Good Things Eatery’, I will never return to the establishment or give it my recommendation. Screen shots of most of the remarks can be found at the bottom of this page.

I first discovered all good things café upon seeing a picture of their watermelon granita dessert on instagram and after discovering that the very same venue produced a foodcoma-inducing burger, I decided that I needed to suck it up and travel to Kingsgrove and try the food!

The menu at all good things had a Mediterranean influence and an array of brunch and breakfast dishes on offer. To be honest, so many of the other menu options looked so good that I reconsidered ordering my burger for a brief moment! However I stuck to my guns and went for the burger :).

DSC_9166All Good Things Eatery Logo

Shot of the decor
 DSC_9463Shot of the decor

DSC_9467Outdoor seating was available

DSC_9104Peach, Mango & Banana Smoothie ($7.5)

The smoothie was presented nicely in a jug and was very light in texture and flavour which made for a really refreshing drink. I loved how the peach flavour was prevalent throughout the drink as well.

DSC_9136Confit of ocean trout – slow poached trout, lamb lettuce and pomegranate salad, fruikake sea salt, lemon ($20)

Starting off with the lighter of the two options, the trout was nicely poached, moist and tasty. The pomegranate complemented the trout and I loved the punchy notes of acidity from the lemon and salt. Overall I thought this dish was good, my friend also enjoyed it.

DSC_9111“4×4″ Grass fed beef burger – beef, cheese, onion jam, lettuce, tomato, on house brioche bun ($16+)

I forgot the price of this burger! The menu burger (with 2 patties) costed $16 and I think the two extra patties cost an extra $6 from memory (don’t quote me on that =p).

This burger was sizeable and in between the pieces of lettuce, tomato and sauce laid four juicy beef patties and melted cheese. This burger tasted as delicious as it looked! The brioche bun was nice and soft and managed to hold together as I ate the burger. The beef patties were juicy and the whole thing just worked. Definitely something worth consuming again!

DSC_9115Second shot of the burger

DSC_9141Are you drooling yet? :P

DSC_9149Hand cut chips, smoked garlic aioli ($7)

After the trout & burger, my friend and I were still peckish and decided to order a side of chips as well. The aioli was surprisingly light (imagine a yogurt-like consistency) and the chips were seasoned nicely with rosemary. Slightly crisp on the outside and soft on the inside – not the best chips I’ve had but they were pretty good.

DSC_9158Watermelon granita and feta ice-cream, mountain tea jelly & kourabretha crunch ($12)

What happened next during my experience was really unfortunate…

When the dessert came, my friend and I noticed that there was no mountain tea jelly on top (see pictures here, here and here). We thought the presentation may have changed and that they plated the jelly in the granita. We began to dig but there was no jelly in sight so I flagged a waitress.

Philsosophyy: I read on the menu that this dessert was meant to have mountain jelly but we didn’t receive any, would it be possible to get some to try?
Waitress: Are you sure you didn’t eat it on top?
Yes I’m sure; I have photos of the dessert before we touched it if you’d like to see.

*Waitress did not look at the photos*

Waitress: Give me a minute and I’ll go check with the kitchen.
Philsosophyy: okay, no worries.

*1 minute later*

Waitress: The jelly is blended into the granita.
Philsosophyy: we looked through the granita but didn’t find any.
Waitress: the taste is very subtle and the jelly is also frozen so it’s hard to notice.
Philsosophyy: oh okay….thanks…

Seeing as they served mountain jelly on top of this dessert 4 days and 11 weeks prior to my visit, and the waitress indirectly acknowledged that mountain jelly was meant to be served on top, I honestly did not (and still don’t) believe for a second that the jelly was ‘blended into’ the granita instead of being served on top.

I also didn’t appreciate the condescending tone and responses the waitress gave my friend and I during dessert; I found this to be both rude and patronising in every sense of those words.

*Rant aside* the granita was yummy as was the feta component.

Ambiance: The eatery was very spacious with an abundance of tables both indoors and outdoors. The décor was modern, clean and had an abundance of natural light. I believe this venue to cater to a group of virtually any size.

Service: For most of the experience, the service was very polite, accommodating and friendly. However, the service experience during dessert was unhelpful, rude and condescending.

Final Thoughts: I can’t express my frustration enough as I write this – everything was so perfect until the dessert incident! The food was delicious, the ambiance was great and most of the service was good! The brush with service during dessert left me with a bitter aftertaste. I still recommend giving this restaurant a try – the food was really yummy, but take it with a grain of salt.

As for me, I may give this restaurant second chance because the rest of the experience was virtually perfect. However, if another condescending incident with service was to occur, my second experience would be my last; delicious food can be tainted by bad service.

UPDATE (24/05/2014): After receiving distasteful, out of context and racist personal attacks from the staff at ‘All Good Things Eatery’, I will never return to the establishment or give it my recommendation. Screen shots of most of the remarks can be read below.







All Good Things Eatery
11 Mashman Ave Shop 9
Kingsgrove NSW 2208


Phone: (02) 7903 0198

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    • Me too! The owner has apologized since the incident and is calling a staff meeting to ensure it doesn’t happen again. I’m really glad to see they’re taking the initiative and handling it in a mature manner! I might return in the future, definitely have no written them off – they have a lot of potential!

      The burger was #foodgasmic :)

  1. That Asian comment is disgraceful. Not only is it racist but it’s rude as hell. Take it to a current affair and see what the chefs have to say for themselves! I was thinking of visiting the cafe tomorrow but definitely won’t be after reading comments like that.

    • I agree Nessa – there are plenty of colourful words that could be used to describe what happened but I’ve decided not to make a big fuss about it right now (as they haven’t commented since).

      Wise decision! Hope you find a good place for brunch tomorrow :)

  2. A bit of a shame with the insta dialogue. Been to all good things once and really enjoyed the food and service. Sounds like the bitter exchange of words online was just a series of poor choice of words.

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