Hello Stranger!

I’ll keep this brief :)

Who am I?
My name is Philip and I’m 22 years of age born and raised in Sydney, Australia.

What is this website?
This site is essentially just a food blog with some of my eating adventures. Instagram is great for spreading news on Sydney eats, but it’s not exactly an optimal medium for lengthy captions and sentences.

Tell me a little more…
I’m just your average person who loves food & photography just like the next guy. I run this website with Anthony and we’re both amateur photographers – this is just something we enjoy doing in our spare time.

How do I get in touch?

I’m most active on Instagram, but you can contact us via:

Instagram: philsosophyy
Gmail: philsosophyy@gmail.com

Thank you for reading,

Lead Editor: Philip Lee
Secondary Editor: Anthony Wales
Photographers: Philip Lee & Anthony Wales
Web Developer: Anthony Wales


    • Sorry about the late reply Karen :(!

      Thank you for the compliment, I appreciate it :).

      I primarily shoot most of my photos with a Nikon D7100 Body & Sigma 18-35mm lens. Some of my older food shots are done with a Tamron 60mm F/2 macro. Hope this helps!

  1. Love your food photos and descriptions. You need to check out dezerts signature dessert in Brighton, oregano bakerys scrolls in South hurstville and the special rolls at sakura fresh sushi in Beverly Hills.

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